Greek Composer Mikis Theodorakis Calls ‘Macedonia’ Deal ‘National Humiliation’

Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis has launched a stinging attack against the SYRIZA-led government over the ‘North Macedonia’ agreement signed last week, calling it “national humiliation”.

In an article, Theodorakis says the decision to sign the deal has enraged the Greek people. “Do they not understand that the rage people feel is dangerous?” he wonders.

He blasts lawmakers from the governing coalition for supporting the government and the deal despite the fact, as he claims, that the vast majority of the people oppose it.

The composer says its is degrading for the country to be represented by a government which only enjoys the support of 20 percent.

“The government of 20 percent decides without consulting anyone about the future of the country…This is not comical, but tragic and mostly degrading,” he says.

In February, Theodorakis made an emotional defense of the Greekness of Macedonia during a speech to hundreds of thousands in Athens.

The government responded then by saying that “the shift of Mr. Theodorakis to intolerant and politically extreme positions is a sad development”.