Greek Opposition Widens Lead over SYRIZA in Latest Poll

Greece’s opposition New Democracy has widened its lead over the governing SYRIZA party to 12.5 percentage points, according to a new poll.

According to the findings of the Pulse agency on behalf of SKAI TV, New Democracy gets 34 percent of voters’ intentions, up two points from the previous poll conducted in May.

SYRIZA’s share remains stable at 21.5 percent.

Analysts say the poll’s findings are significant as the survey was carried out after the agreement signed with FYROM on the naming dispute and the deal on debt relief.

Sixty-two percent of respondents view the “Macedonia” deal as negative, whereas 27 percent as positive.

Extreme-right Golden Dawn and centrist Movement for Change each get 7.5 percent, followed by the Communist Party on six percent.

No other party gets above the three percent threshold to be represented in parliament.