Report: Greek Boys Top European Obesity Table

Greek boys are among the most obese in Europe, a new report has found.

Research from the EU’s Joint Research Council found that more than a third of boys aged 11 were overweight to obese.

This puts Greece ahead of Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Italy and Spain.

Using data from the World Health Organization, researchers produced a map, showing Greece as a hot spot for male childhood weight problems.

This new report follows data in May which showed similar results. The European Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative (COSI) found 42 percent of Greek kids were too heavy, putting Greece alongside fellow Mediterranean countries Spain and Italy. It also found that two out of 10 boys are obese.

As for obese girls, Greece ranked joint fourth with Italy, with Cyprus again topping the EU chart with 19 percent, followed by Spain and Malta with 17 and 15 percent respectively.