Former Greek Army Chief Wants Referendum on ‘North Macedonia’ Deal

Former chief of the Hellenic Army General Staff Frangoulis Frangos made a public petition for a referendum on the Prespa agreement with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

Frangos, who was the key speaker at the first Thessaloniki rally against the use of the name ‘Macedonia’ by Skopje earlier this year, now made an official request to Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos for a referendum on the name deal.

The move by the former army chief makes political analysts believe that he is preparing the ground for the formation of a new political party. Frangos’ speech at the first massive Thessaloniki rally had created a stir among attendants and political commentators alike.

However, the former army officer refutes that he has any intentions of forming a party or getting involved in politics. “There are already enough parties; we don’t need new ones,” he had commented earlier.

Other than the petition for a referendum, Frangos has also called for the right to vote in Greek elections to be extended to Greek expatriates, proposing that signatures should be collected to that end.