Greek Tycoon’s Son Dies Suddenly in US

    Sokratis Kokkalis Jr (file photo)

    Sokratis Kokkalis Jr, a member of the influential Kokkalis business family, has died suddenly while on a business trip in the U.S. it is being reported.

    According to a statement from the Kokkalis Foundation, the 34-year-old businessman was found dead in a hotel in Cleveland on Saturday. He was discovered after failing to appear for a business lunch.

    The son of Greek tycoon Sokratis Kokkalis Sr, Sokratis Jr is reported to have passed away due to a heart attack.

    Sokratis Jr was born in Milan in 1984 and studied in Boston. He had business connections with Greek football club Olympiacos and was on the board of directors of Intralot, a multinational technology company.

    His father, Sokratis Sr, is a Greek billionaire. He is owner and chairman of Intralot and the
    Owner of Intracom Holdings.