Greek Businessman Denies Funding ‘Macedonia’ Protests

Prominent businessman and PAOK Thessaloniki owner Ivan Savvidis has replied to indirect accusations voiced by FYROM Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that Russia is funding protests against the use of ‘Macedonia’ by the Balkan country.

On Monday, the Zaev claimed the Kremlin was using Greek businessmen with pro-Russia interests to fund protests in his country against the agreement between Greece and FYROM to rename it “North Macedonia”.

A post on the Organized Crime and Corruption Report Project website alleged Savvidis was the businessman behind the demonstrations in FYROM. The post claims there is evidence that €300,000 ($351,000) were paid to FYROM citizens who disagree with the name deal and to trigger violent riots.

However, the Dimera Group, owned by Savvidis, announced: “We make it absolutely clear that businessman Ivan Savvidis has nothing to do with the allegations of this totally false and highly slanderous report. That is why, in the next few hours and making use of all legal resources available to us, we will file a lawsuit against the medium and the authors of this unsubstantiated report.”