Bathers ‘Occupy’ Greek Public Beach by Building Umbrellas, Deck Chairs

    Holiday makers at the Kammena Vourla seaside town in Central Greece set their own permanent sun umbrellas and sunbeds, occupying a public beach.

    According to LamiaReport, locals and tourists lodged a number of complaints with the Lamia Prosecutor’s Office for occupation of public property. The violators had tied their umbrellas and chairs to rocks and claimed the spots as their own, making it hard for other bathers to find a place to lay in the sun.

    Initially, Kammena Vourla Deputy Mayor and community president Dimitris Karamanolis warned the violators to comply with the law and remove their umbrellas and sunbeds once they leave the beach.

    However, the majority of the squatters had locked their chairs and umbrella with padlocks, claiming the beach as their own.

    Finally, after the prosecutor’s order, municipal workers and local police removed all the illegally placed permanent umbrellas and sunbeds, freeing the beach for the general public.

    A municipal track removes umbrellas and sunbeds