Greek Students Win Business Award for ‘Smart Helmet’

Greek students of the Bouga High School in Kalamata have won the Best Business Philosophy Award for the “Smart Helmet” at the 29th European Junior Entrepreneurship Competition in Belgrade.

The “Helm.e.t.” is an invention that does not allow a motorcycle to start unless the rider is wearing a helmet. The idea impressed everyone on the first day of the competition.

The Greek students had to compete with 39 virtual student businesses from France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and others in the European competition.

“We chose Helm.e.t. because it is an excellent product that meets exactly the criteria for this prize, solves a social problem with the use of high technology and has a prospect for the global market,” said Aleksandar Vratonjic Gligorijevic, Director of IT Strategic Business Unit at TeleGroup Ltd.

Honorary president of Junior Achievement Greece, Litsa Panayotopoulos, said: “The children had a special idea, and everyone was talking about the ‘smart helmet of Greece.’ It is very important that they won the prize,” adding that JAG will support them further from now on.