Leading Greek Law Professor Stavros Tsakyrakis Dies at 67

Professor of constitutional law Stavros Tsakyrakis has died from cancer aged 67.

Tsakyrakis, who was imprisoned and tortured for his liberal views by the Greek junta, gave his last lecture at the Athens law School last April.

He was born in Mithymna, Lesvos. He studied Law at the University of Athens and Philosophy of Law at the University of Rome.

From 1983 until his last lecture he was teaching at the University of Athens, Faculty of Law.

He has studied Constitutional Law and Human Rights as a visiting scholar at the Universities of Harvard, Columbia and New York University.

As a lawyer, he has argued many cases before the European Court of Human Rights.

He has written three books and many of his papers were published in law reviews in Greece and abroad.

His article “Proportionality: an assault on human rights?” in the International Journal of Constitutional Law (Jul 1, 2009,7: 468-493), has stirred an international debate on the principle of proportionality.

Besides Human Rights, his field of research included political and moral philosophy.