Meet the Greek Beauty Flying with the Saudi Royals (photo)

Kyriaki Katsogresaki was selected among dozens of applicants to work as flight attendant in the fleet of the Saudi royal family.

Born in the small village of Ziros, in Crete’s Sitia, the Greek beauty says she always wanted a career out of the ordinary.

She studied philosophy in Crete but she soon gave up to start as a crew member with Emirates.

Speaking to the Athens News Agency she says that when she was eventually offered a job in the Saudi royal household she initially panicked.

“The truth is that at first I did not know it was the royal family. I just knew I was going to work for a very wealthy family. When I found out my true employers, I admit, I panicked,” she says.

Katsogresaki rose to the challenge and soon, she says, she was made to feel comfortable in her job.

“They may be astonishingly rich, but the truth is that they are normal people,” she says.

She describes a day when a princess arrived for a long-haul flight. “I was expecting to see her dressed in designer cloths and wearing expensive jewelry. Nothing of the sort. She was dressed casually. We could not tell she was a princess.”

The royals are simple everyday people in behavior, she claims.

“Of course, they will eat caviar, sea urchin salads and drink champagne with strawberries, but they are not particularly demanding of their staff.”

Katsogresaki says that her next challenge is to become a pilot. She already undergoes training hoping someday soon to leave the cabin for the cockpit.

She admits that it will be difficult to fly the Saudi royal family.

“Pilots doing that job have many years of experience…But who can tell the future? Maybe one day i will return to the royals as a pilot,” she notes with a smile.