Dangerous Criminal Wanted by Interpol Arrested in Crete

Dangerous criminal Haris Saridis, who was wanted in Cyprus, was arrested on Wednesday night in Crete, after an organized operation by the Department of Special Missions of Crete.

According to Cretalive news website, Saridis, a Georgian expatriate, escaped from the Trikala Prison and was hiding in Crete, where he reportedly had built a powerful network of protection around him.

Saridis was wanted by Interpol, the Cypriot authorities and the Hellenic Police. He was responsible for a series of armed robberies in Cyprus, along with other crimes. The 34-year-old was at the top of Interpol’s list of most wanted.

The Cyprus Police were in Crete over the past days to take part in the operation for his arrest. Police followed a relative of Saridis who traveled from Thessaloniki to Malia, Crete.

Police officers from the Department of Special Missions in Crete, in collaboration with Heraklion Police officers, managed to trace Saridis’ relative and identify people in his close circle of accomplices.

On Wednesday night, police tracked him entering a Malia nightclub. The criminal was so cautious that when he left the club later, he was wearing different clothes. He got into a car and left, but was soon surrounded by police and was arrested without resistance.

Saridis’ arrest was big news in Cyprus, with the story of his arrest making headlines.