Mati Greece – People Huddle Together in the Sea to Save Themselves from Deadly Fires

Last Monday marked one of the deadliest of fires Greece has seen in Mati, Greece. Greek Reporter published information from the Hellenic Fire Department Arson Agency (DAEE) on Saturday that suggests that the cause of the fires which started in Northern Mati was as a result of negligence.

A direct witness of the fire, Elia Kallia, shared on her Facebook account people huddling together in the sea, covering their mouths from the toxic smoke, with the flaming fire as their backdrop. People try to move as far away from the shore as possible to escape the flames.

Some are in the water; men, women, and children, holding on to the only possessions they could retrieve from their homes. As Elia Kallia wrote what can be loosely translated in English as “please share this video, so people can try to find their loved ones”.