Children Return to East Attica Summer Camps after Deadly Fires

The voices and laughter of children were heard once again on Sunday at the City of Athens summer camps in Aghios Andreas, that reopened after the deadly fires that destroyed neighboring Mati.

All summer camps in Agios Andreas were evacuated last Monday, when the raging flames that started in Neos Voutzas started descending towards the coastal towns of Marathon, Nea Makri, Zoumberi, Aghios Andreas, Mati and Rafina. A total of 620 children from various summer camps were transferred safely to Athens.

“Our children’s summer camps in Aghios Andreas reopened. We managed to have them ready again within a few days. The area needs it, the children of Athens enjoy it. Since this morning we welcome children of fire-stricken families. The smiles have to return,” wrote Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis on Twitter, accompanying his tweet with pictures.