Greece Plans to Demolish More Than 3,000 Illegal Buildings

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The Greek government has vowed to demolish 3,185 illegal constructions, built in forests and along the coastline of Attica, following the deadly fire at Mati.

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Tuesday the government will begin work to crack down on illegal construction, which experts said made the fire even worse.

He added that the government is prepared to clash with interests and demolish illegally built homes to prevent future catastrophes.

The government’s priority is a list of 2,500 illegally built homes in forest areas and another 685 homes without permits in beach areas in the Attica area.

Tzanakopoulos stressed that the procedures will be as quick as possible.

Commentators say that successive governments promised to deal with the issue of illegal constructions, but most failed to deliver due to the perceived high political cost.