Greece Says Will Not Extradite Journalist Wanted in Turkey

Greek Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis decided to block a journalist’s extradition to Turkey despite a court ruling clearing the process in early June.

Kontonis, who has the power to reject a court’s extradition ruling, opted to stick with earlier decisions by Greek authorities on the case of Turgut Kaya, who is accused in Turkey of being a member of the illegal Turkey Communist Party / Marxist – Leninist (TKP/ML).

Kaya is on the Turkish Interior Ministry’s list of most wanted terrorists. Turkey had previously issued an Interpol arrest warrant for the suspect.

In early June, the High Court in Greece ruled for extradition of Kaya, who was captured in February while trying to enter the country.

Kaya was later granted asylum on July 21, serving as the basis of the minister’s decision.