300 Liters Liquor Confiscated on Zakynthos by Authorities

Greek Authorities have announced that they have confiscated 300 liters of liquor that was packaged in 60 5-liter plastic containers, which were labelled as “vodka,” “gin,” “rum” and other drinks.

The confiscations took place on Zakynthos and authorities say that the alcohol that was to be allocated to bars and restaurants on the island, posed a danger to public health.

Greek authorities will test the confiscated alcohol for contamination and are calling the bust “a significant and effective move against the smuggling and adulteration of drinks”.

This move to confiscate the alcohol which is believed to pose a health hazard comes just one day after the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported that a group of 17 British tourists visiting Greece drank contaminated booze, resulting in them being hospitalized. All of the tourists, boys, aged between 17 and 18, flew to Laganas, Zakynthos in late July and claim that they got sick from methanol poisoning. It is being speculated that it was from bootleg booze.

Greek authorities have rejected British media’s claims that the boys were poisoned by bootleg booze.

According to local news website Imerazante.gr, the Ionian Islands General Regional Police Directorate and the police chief of the Zakynthos Police Department both reached out to the hospital after the claims of the British tabloid The Sun. The tabloid reported that it found traces of highly toxic methanol in bootleg vodka sold in one of the bars the boys had frequented before falling ill.

Greek authorities say that according to the administration and doctors of Zakynthos General Hospital, there were no such incidents recorded in the hospital’s logbook of emergency incidents when the boys fell ill.