Greek Island Police Reject UK Tabloid Claims of Teens Poisoned by Bootleg Booze

Greek police have rejected British tabloid newspaper claims that over a dozen U.K. teens have been poisoned by bootleg booze on the Greek island of Zakynthos

The Greek island authorities mobilized after the stories in The Sun and Daily Star newspapers reported that a group of 17 Britons aged 17-18 were rushed to hospital after reportedly drinking booze laced with the deadly chemical methanol in Laganas town.

According to local news website, the Ionian Islands General Regional Police Directorate and the police chief of the Zakynthos Police Department contacted the administration and doctors of Zakynthos General Hospital and were informed that no such incidents had been recorded in the hospital’s logbook of emergency incidents.

According to the British reports, the young Britons claimed to have fallen ill after visiting a string of bars in Laganas, despite some of them having just three drinks the entire night.

An investigation by The Sun on Sunday claims it found traces of highly toxic methanol in bootleg vodka sold in one of the bars.