Greek Taxman Targets Mykonos in Fresh Operation


Greek tax inspectors on the island of Mykonos have found two point-of-sale machines which were linked to Switzerland.

According to Greek media reports, the two terminals were found at a Louis Vuitton store on Mykonos and another outlet in Nammos village.

The finds were part of a tax-inspection operation on the island which also uncovered a beach bar in Paraga which failed to declare around €3,500 ($4,060) in receipts.

‘Operation Trident’ also temporarily closed a souvenir shop which was making sales without invoices.

According to the Athens-Macedonian New Agency, the authorities confiscated the daily turnover – worth €19,000 – at Catrine, a famous restaurant on Mykonos, because the business had tax arrears of €380,000.

A 48-hour shutdown was also imposed on a laundry business in Mykonos for failing to issue receipts worth €13,000.