Greek Fires Claim Another Life, Brining Death Toll to 96

    Attica General Hospital where the latest victim of the Greek wildfires passed away on Wednesday

    Another elderly casualty of July’s fires in east Attica has died in hospital from their injuries.

    The 68-year-old victim passed away in intensive care on Wednesday, bringing the total number of fatalities so far to 96.

    At the moment, according to the Directorate for Criminal Investigations of the Hellenic Police, the number of identified dead persons found in the Mati area after the fires is 81.

    There are two dead bodies that have not been identified by the available DNA as no relatives have claimed them.

    So far, 13 fire victims who were hospitalized in Attica hospitals have died, bringing the total number up to 95.

    Also, 31 people are still in hospital with burns, with eight of them being in intensive care, out of which four are in a critical condition. One child is still being treated but is in a good condition at the Aghia Sophia children’s hospital.