Peloponnese: Super Puma Rescues French Climbers on Mount Taygetos (Video)

On Monday, two French climbers were rescued from a ravine where they were trapped, at some 1,950 meters on Mount Taygetus.

Mount Taygetus is also known as Prophet Elias. The name of this mountain appears in the Odyssey and the ancient slopes of Taygetus have been inhabited as far back as Mycenean times.

Many people hike and climb throughout the mountain range. Mount Taygetus is part of the Taygetus mountain range in the Peloponnese region.

Mount Taygetus — the highest mountain in the range — is a popular destination for hiking because of its views and ancient history. It is part of the European walking route E4.

The air force Super Puma that rescued the two French climbers, transported them to the air force base in Kalamata and from there they were taken to the nearest hospital to be checked out. They both were given a clean bill of health.

Here is the footage of the rescue: