Mitsotakis Says PM Stages “Fake Events”; Calls for Snap Elections

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the leader of the main opposition, New Democracy, is once again calling for snap elections, citing what he considers to be the many shortcomings of the Tsipras government.

Mitsotakis commented on Tuesday about the Prime Minister’s televised address from the island of Ithaca regarding Greece’s conclusion from the bailout program.

He said that the “symbolism of Ithaca is false…We have not reached the end of the journey. Cheap financing ends today but the tough measures and heavy commitments which Mr Tsipras signed up to will continue.”

He accused the prime minister of leaving the citizens of Greece in a state of “sadness and anger” following his televised address, and that he is dividing society.

The opposition leader also criticized PM Tsipras’ commitment to the “unnecessary” third memorandum, saying that it merely cost Greece 100+ billion euros and was the incorrect move for the country to take.

Mitsotakis added that the fourth “informal” memorandum is what the country has to look forward to now, “with austerity, new pension cuts, increases in taxes and levies, cruel primary surpluses and very strict monitoring.”

Adding to the list of criticism against Tsipras’ government, Mitsotakis accused the leading party of staging “fake events” such as during the Attica fires last month. “We heard his ministers’ assurances that everything was going well while at the same time dozens of our fellow citizens were burning in Mati,” he said.