Greek Premier Tsipras Accused of ‘Negligence and Complicity’ by Mother of Victim


The mother of a young Greek who was murdered last week at Filopappou Hill, opposite the Acropolis, accused Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of “negligence and complicity” in her son’s death.

The 25-year-old died after he fell from a cliff as he was mugged at knifepoint last Wednesday by three men. No arrests have been made.

In an open letter, the mother says that Greece has failed to protect her son in the center of Athens.

Posing a number of questions to the prime minister, she asks:

“Maybe instead of celebrating the increase in tourist numbers, you should instead inform visitors that their lives are at risk in the heart of Athens?”

“Instead of having half the police force guarding politicians and their families, maybe they should be reassigned to police archaeological sites?”

“Maybe the state should allocate some funds from the money of its heavily taxed citizens to place safety railings at Filopappou Hill, where anyone can slip into the abyss even without being attacked by muggers?”

The mother claims that Tsipras is negligent and complicit to her son’s murder.