Greek Seas: A Photographic Journey to the Past

Aegina island, 1950-1955. Photo: Voula Papaioannou ©Benaki Museum / Photographic Archives

The International Airport of Athens and the Benaki Museum have collaborated to produce a photographic exhibition inside the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport.

View from Castella, Piraeus around 1885. Photo: Romaidi bros ©Benaki Museum, Photographic Archives, Neohellenic Historic Collection of Constantinos Tripos;

The exhibition takes place at the ”Art and Culture” place, Arrivals – Entrance 1 of the Airport.

The port of Syros around 1905. Photo: Mary Paraskeva ©Benaki Museum / Photographic Archives

It includes a selection of photographs that were presented for another exhibition of Benaki Museum/Pireos 138 between October 10, 2013, and January 14, 2014.

The port of Corfu (Kerkyra) around 1885. Photo: Bartolomeo Borri ©Benaki Museum / Photographic Archives

Beaches, shores, ports, and the life of sailors and fishermen are the focus of the photographs. The photos were all found after a meticulous search in private and public archives both in Greece and abroad.

Syros around 1970. Photo: Zacharias Stellas ©Benaki Museum / Photographic Archives

The sections of the exhibition are the following:

The sea in 19th century’s photography: A coincidental presence.

The sea as a reflection of the human activity in the early 20th century – The magic of the caption.

The photographic depiction of the sea during the Belle Epoque – Attempts of artistic expression.

Turning towards the sea during the years after the war – The Aegean as a representation and a sense.