Brain Drain Leaves Greece’s Hospitals Without Doctors, Unions Say

The alarming numbers at which young Greek doctors leave the country is noted in an open letter of the Union of Doctors in Athens‘ and Piraeus‘ hospitals.

The numerous cuts implemented on the budgets of hospitals over the past years, have left Greece’s hospitals of Athens and of the countryside, without doctors.

The vacancies are even higher than 20% of the total positions needed in some cases, the Union of Doctors say, adding that the deficit in nurses, equipment and training lead more and more young doctors to the decision to leave the country, trying to pursue a better career in other parts of Europe or America.

The Union says that the only way to solve the emerging healthcare crisis in Greece is the stopping of budget cuts for the National Healthcare System, the hiring of thousands of new doctors on well-paid contracts and the amelioration of the infrastructure and the training programs for the newcomers in the Health Sector.