Anna Korakaki Wins Air Pistol World Championship in South Korea

Olympic gold medalist Anna Korakaki is world champion in the 10 m air pistol after winning the World Shooting Championship held in Changchun, South Korea, on Monday.

With her new win, the Greek champion added another gold medal to her collection and clinched a spot in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Korakaki showed impressive coolness and with a score of 585 and 20 center tens as she  qualified for the air pistol final, in a game where the women’s performance approached that of the men’s.

The Greek athlete’s opponents were also world champions and Olympic medalists, such as Serbian Zorana Arunovic, who came in second, and Korean Kim Bomi who took third place.

This was the first Women’s World Champion title in the 10 m air pistol for Korakaki, as she won her previous medals as a youth. Her participation in the South Korea tournament  will continue in the sports pistol competition.