‘I’m Not Afraid of Turkey’ Says the Archbishop of Athens

The Archbishop of Athens, Ieronymos, in an interview with the Cypriot Sigma Channel, said that he is not afraid of Turkey, but by those who pretend to be friends of Greece.

In a rare interview, Ieronymos who is the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece since 2008, added that our contemporary issue is not if a war is going to happen, but how the land and profits are going to be shared around the globe and if new alliances and coalitions are about to be created.

Referring to Cyprus’ oil and natural gas reserves, the Archbishop said that they give us a great opportunity for co-operation, but they are also a reason why new tensions arise, adding that global powers decide the fate of the smaller nations like ours.

Ieronymos is the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece since 2008

Ieronymos recommended that people should pray more and be careful not to get carried away by lies, and he expressed his gratitude to the Cypriot Greeks who showed their unconditional and inter-temporal support during Greece’s recent crisis.

“Our roots are those that hold us together. Our traditions and our faith. Let’s never forget that,” Ieronymos added.