Greece’s Tsipras Mocked for Motorcade ‘Fit for President Trump’ (video)

Greek social media users went into overdrive with anger and mockery over the size of premier’s Alexis Tsipras motorcade which arrived late on Thursday night in Thessaloniki.

Tsipras brought forward his arrival to the second largest Greek city to avoid demonstrations planned for Friday, on the eve of the opening of the Thessaloniki International Fair.

“Not even President Trump has such a huge motorcade,” commented a twitter user, who was of course wrong as the President’s convoy consists of between 20-30 vehicles.

There were 11 cars, including an ambulance, in the motorcade from the Thessaloniki airport to the hotel in the center of the city.

Thousands of security personnel including FBI agents, snipers and 5,500 Greek police officers are in Thessaloniki for the 83rd International Fair in which the U.S. is honored this year.

Authorities are concerned about a mass protest rally against the Prespa agreement for the use of the term “Macedonia” in the name of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia that is scheduled on Saturday.

At the same time, anarchists and extreme leftist groups have announced that they will hold their own rally in the city.