First Post-Bailout Poll Gives New Democracy 10.9% Lead Over SYRIZA

The first major opinion poll since the completion of the third — and final — bailout program shows a steady lead of 10.9% for the main opposition New Democracy over the ruling SYRIZA-led government.

The poll, conducted by Marc on behalf of Proto Thema Sunday newspaper, shows the conservative party leading with 29.9 percent with SYRIZA at 19 percent respectively.

Specifically, the percentages for each party are:

ND: 29.9 percent
SYRIZA: 19 percent
Golden Dawn: 6.9 percent
Movement for Change: 6.4 percent
KKE: 6 percent
Centrists Union: 2.5 percent
To Potami: 1.5 percent
ANEL: 1,2 percent

Additionally, 78 percent of participants believe the government is responsible for the deadly tragedy in Mati, while 75 percent are angry and disappointed by the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition.

82 percent of respondents believe that the bailout programs are continuing, despite the completion of the third program, while 72 do not believe Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ declarations and announcments during the Thessaloniki International Fair.

Finally, 70 percent of poll participants want the Greek Parliament to vote against the  Prespa agreement on the FYROM name.