E-commerce Update: Survey Reveals What Greeks Buy and Sell Online

The online market is growing rapidly, according to a survey conducted by the global giants Paypal and Ipos.

The survey observed e-commerce growth in 31 countries, including Greece.

Here are the most interesting findings of the survey:

  • 55% of people admitted that they buy products from foreign online stores
  • The most popular products for online shopping are shoes and clothes, electronic devices, and games
  • China, India, and the USA are the countries with the biggest share of online shopping being conducted via a portable device such as mobile phones and tablets
  • The majority of people prefer to buy from online stores that provide their local language or a language they already know, such as English

Regarding the preferences of the Greek consumers, the survey reveals some very interesting facts:

  • Only 25% of Greeks buy products from online stores using their mobile phones, while 73% prefer their laptop or desktop. This trend is common among Eastern European countries
  • The most popular item that Greeks buy online is shoes and clothes (69%), then electronic devices such as laptops, phones and tablets (64%), and finally games and hobbie accessories (51%)

The online market is not just for buying stuff though. So, what do Greeks sell most online and where do they sell it?

According to the survey’s findings, Greek consumers primarily sell services and products to the USA, with UK, Germany and France following. The selling services include travel tips or accommodation with shoes and car accessories following.

Three out of four Greeks prefer to pay in their local currency, the Euro, and if they have to pay with a different currency, they first check the current exchange rate before placing their order.

A main factor that drives consumers to buy from online retailers around the globe is price. Sales and offers give consumers the chance to find what they want at better prices if they search online.