19 NGOs Urge Greece and EU to Improve Conditions of Refugee Camps

Nineteen Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have appealed to the EU and Greek authorities demanding the immediate improvement of conditions in Greece’s Refugee Camps and Hot Spots.

The NGO that support refugees and migrants throughout the world claim in their joint announcement that the capacity of Greece’s camps is 6,000 people, but today, more than 17,000 live there.

They brought the example of the camp in the island of Samos, where the capacity of its reception center has exceeded its capacity by six times.

At the same time, Lesvos’ Moria Camp’s situation is getting even worse with the site being on the verge of collapse.

The NGOs also point out the lack of staff members in the sector of security and health due to the increasing resignations of nurses, doctors and guards. This has led to a situation where the majority of the refugees say they do not feel safe.

There are many reports of women being raped as well as an increase in cases of other sexual abuse and violence.

The members of these Non-Governmental Organizations ask for a fairer and more decent treatment of these cases and they repeat the argument that the proportional allocation of refugees and migrants at a European level is absolutely necessary.