German Newspapers Praise Karpathos’ Astonishing Beauty

Olympos village in Karpathos

Karpathos was the center of the attention for the German Press this summer as it was featured in many of the main newspapers of Berlin.

The tradition and authenticity of the island combined with its amazing flora and fauna were the reasons why Karpathos did so well in this year’s travel sections of many German journals.

Amazed by the unspoilt island and the traditional way of life of the locals, German journalists traveled to Karpathos in order to depict and share the emotions and atmosphere of the island with the German audience.

Starting by mentioning the traditional way in which locals produce their milk and dairy products, and their food and clothes, the articles pointed out how extraordinary is for a Greek island that welcomes thousands of tourists every year, to preserve its own traditional way of living.

But, apart from the aspects of life, Karpathos’ nature is another reason why this island is unique: High Mountains that rise from the surface of the sea, rare species of plants and trees, clear blue waters and amazing scenery are just some of the features that Karpathos has to offer.