OECD: Unemployment in Greece Affects University and High School Graduates Alike

Despite the fact that unemployment in Greece has decreased to 19 percent, it continues to affect university and high school graduates alike, the newest OECD report says.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development study entitled “Education at a Glance 2018” released on Tuesday shows that the employment index in the 2007-2017 period dropped 12 percent for university graduates and 14 percent for high school graduates.

At the same time, 26 percent of young Greeks neither work nor study, with Italy and Spain exhibiting equally large percentages. The report says that the economic crisis is responsible for both lack of education and unemployment.

The study also shows that the majority of Greek students — with pressure from their parents in most cases — choose General High School so that they can go to the university once they graduate (71 percent), while only 22 percent prefer to attend Vocational High School and go to work fresh out of high school. The majority of students who enter university get a degree.

The report also refers to the salaries of Greek teachers, which are significantly lower than their colleagues in other countries. This applies not only to new teachers in the beginning of their career, but also to teachers with many years of service.