Athens Ranks 13th Most Expensive Capital in Europe (graph)

Athens ranks in 13th place on the list of the most expensive capitals of the 48 European countries, according to Wanderu, a travel search platform that helps travelers on a tight budget to organize their trips.

The ranking is based on a set of goods and services and their average cost. More specifically the admission price in a museum, the cost of a cappuccino cup, the taxi tariff per kilometer, the average cost of an overnight stay in a hotel, and the one-way public bus fare, etc.

Wanderu shows that Monaco is the most expensive capital in Europe, followed by Reykjavik and Dublin. The cheapest capital in Europe is Skopje (FYROM), followed by Pristina (Kosovo) and Podgorica (Montenegro).

As for the Greek capital, Athens is in 13th place, with Lisbon in 12th place and Vienna in number 14.