Greece Impresses With Its Presence in ‘Bright Star 2018’ Military Exercise

Photo by Egypt Independent

Bright Star is a multinational aeronautical military exercise in the Mediterranean Sea that was established in 1980, after a peace agreement was signed a year earlier in USA’s Camp David between Egypt and Israel under Jimmy Carter’s administration.

Since then, Bright Star has gained in strength and fame among the world of military and became one of the largest multinational exercises in the world.

This year’s Bright Star takes place between September 10 and 20 with the active participation of the USA, the UK, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, France, Italy, and Greece.

Photo by Jordan News

Greece’s frigate Lemnos with 4 F-16s fighters and helicopters contribute to the success of Bright Star 2018.

The main goals of this exercise is the exchange of experience between personnel, the coordination of action, and the deepening of the technical know-how and the combat of terrorism.

Among this year’s Bright Star countries that sent observers are Canada, South Africa, and India.