British Newspaper Amazed By Koukaki Neighborhood in Athens

Athens, World Book Capital 2018
The Acropolis, Athens

One of the most popular newspapers in Britain, the Guardian, featured Athens in one of its travel editions this week.

The British paper created a list of must-see places in the Greek capital. Among them was the Acropolis Museum with its spectacular exhibits and the new Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center with its state-of-the-art premises.

Regarding the issue of eating and drinking, the Guardian encouraged its readers to try the famous Greek Tsipouro and goat cheese and visit specific popular cafeterias and restaurants.

Koukaki, Central Athens

The unexpected part of this tourist feature was the dithyrambic comments about the Athenian neighborhood of Koukaki.

This densely populated area in central Athens managed during the last few years to obtain its own special character. Many restaurants, cafes and stores have opened transforming the area into a neighborhood popular for students to ‘the place for sophisticated Athenians’.

According to the article, Koukaki will give you the chance to see and meet completely different people: From fashion designers and actors to students and older people playing with their traditional kompoloi in well-hidden cafeterias.

Another factor that played an important role in Koukaki’s upgrade as a tourist destination in Athens is the fact that the area is full of Airbnb apartments, something that gives a visitor the opportunity to experience life with the locals.