First Underwater Gallery on Greek Island of Amorgos (video)

A unique art exhibition that takes place entirely underwater will be held September 19-22 in the deep, blue waters of the Greek island of Amorgos during the second International Free-Diving Tournament.

The Underwater Gallery is a photography exhibition that takes place in the famous deep, blue waters of Amorgos, the island that won international fame as the location of film, The Big Blue.

The artwork is exhibited at a depth of 7-17 meters, inside an underwater cave, at the Agios Pavlos area of the island, and is illuminated by special underwater lighting.

The exhibition features three collections of dozens of underwater photographs from various points in the Aegean Sea taken by photographer and free diver Stephanos Kontos from 2013 to 2018.

All photographs, the installation and curation have been completed by divers on a single breath, meaning that they did not use oxygen tanks.

Visitors can access the cave through the exhibition reception from the dock at the Aqua Petra hotel. There is free access to those who can dive in the cave. For the less daring, the Amorgos Diving Center provides lessons and guiding through the exhibition.

The Underwater Gallery takes place alongside the Authentic Big Blue program of the international free-diving event held every year in Amorgos.