‘Silver Arrow’ Train Sent Back to Italy As Technical Issues Arise

The new ETR 480 train, also known as “Silver Arrow” – Photo by AMNA

The Italian made ETR 480 train, known as the ‘Silver Arrow’ has left Greece to return to Italy.

The train was presented during the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair as the bright future for the Greek railways with the ability to connect Athens with Thessaloniki in less than 3.5 hours.

However, according to experts, the current infrastructure in Greece’s railways is not designed to withstand the new train’s higher speeds — the reason why the train will not be able to start its operation anytime soon.

Some trial runs made between Thessaloniki and Katerini in Northern Greece exposed the technical issues that the Greek railway operator TRAINOSE faces on the Athens – Thessaloniki route.

Despite the bad news, TRAINOSE issued an announcement where it claims that the upgrade of the infrastructure between Athens and Thessaloniki will continue until the ‘Silver Arrow’ will be able to offer the passengers its high-quality services.