Trial on Bakari Henderson’s Murder Starts in Greece

The suspects are led to the court in Patra

The trial of nine men accused of fatally beating a U.S. tourist while vacationing in Greece has started on Friday in the city of Patra — a proceeding his family hopes will result in life sentences for the assailants.

The parents of Bakari Henderson have traveled to Patra for the trial and say they are eager for justice.

“We have been waiting 14 months, and so we have been in a holding pattern,” said Bakari’s mother, Jill Henderson.

“To have the trial be here, it is a great thing, but we want to make sure they are actually convicted and sentenced to prison. That is my whole goal.”

22-year-old Bakari Henderson was beaten to death by a mob at a bar on the Greek island of Zakynthos in July 2017. Henderson was taken to a hospital with severe head injuries but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Authorities said nine suspects were arrested in the incident. Two of the nine defendants are reportedly going to be tried in abstentia as they were released from pretrial custody and are believed to have returned to Serbia.