The Famous British Chef Who Was Amazed By Greek Kokoretsi

Nigella Lawson, the famous English journalist and chef was in Greece this month to attend the wedding of the Greek-Australian chef and MasterChef Australia‘s judge George Kalombaris.

Lawson visited the island of Mykonos and enjoyed the Greek hospitality and the endless blue of the Aegean.

Of course, she couldn’t resist eating some of the famous Greek dishes, such as pastitsio and Greek salad.

Despite being a chef and food writer for years, Lawson tried for the first time in her life the traditional Greek kokoretsi and she couldn’t believe how tasty it was.

Lawson uploaded a photo on Instagram saying ”Can’t stop thinking about the Kokoretsi: it’s an offal-lover’s dream. And that intestinal crackling! Wish I’d eaten more of it. I don’t suppose there’s anywhere in London you can get it…”