‘Xenophon’: Fall’s First Strong Storm to Hit Greece

“Xenophon” is the first strong storm that will hit Greece this fall, arriving on Tuesday, September 25 with gale-force winds of up to 10 Beaufort at sea, the National Observatory of Athens said on Monday.

The bad weather will be brought to Greece by a strong anticyclone straddling the greater part of Europe which, along with a system of low pressure in the Eastern Mediterranean, will create the conditions for a significant strengthening of northerly winds in the Aegean, reaching 8 or 9 Beaufort in places on Tuesday.

At the same time, cold air masses will move from northeast Europe to the country.

The fall in temperature is expected to be dramatic, especially in north and central parts of the country, plunging eight to 12 degrees Celcius lower than the noon temperature on Monday.

Storm “Xenophon” will continue on Wednesday, with winds in the Aegean reaching up to 10 Beaufort locally. Due to the intensity of the winds in several areas, the public is advised to exercise increased caution.

The low barometric pressure forecast from Wednesday afternoon on southern seas will cause heavy rainfall.

With information from A.M.N.A.