Widespread Flooding as Cyclone Strikes Peloponnese

Cyclone “Zorbas” moved deeper into mainland Greece on Saturday afternoon after it struck southern Peloponnese in the morning.

Heavy downpours caused flooding in central and northeastern Peloponnese and Evia.

In the central and northern Peloponnese, meanwhile, authorities closed dozens of roads to traffic after they were flooded by rains, and the town of Argos was flooded when the water broke over banks of two rivers close by.

Nearby Nafplio was also hit.

Athens and the wider region of Attica were also hit on Saturday afternoon. The old national highway in western Attica, near the seaside town of Mandra where flooding last year claimed 23 lives, closed to traffic.

Earlier the cyclone struck the coast of the southern Peloponnese tearing up trees and disgorging fishing boats and pleasure yachts.

The area that was hit the hardest was Messinia in the southeast of the Peloponnese peninsula, with the coastal capital of Kalamata and seaside villages like Methoni and Finikounda being inundated by waves.

Mediterranean Cyclone "Zorba" in Argos

Cars were swept away from the floods near Argos, Peloponnese as the cyclone struck Greece. Video by Mixalis Papamixail. Full story: goo.gl/3CKhnQ

Posted by Greek Reporter on Saturday, September 29, 2018

Mediterranean Cyclone "Zorba" in Methoni

Exclusive footage as cyclone hits Methoni, southern Peloponnese on Saturday. Video by Kostas Smirlis. Full story here: https://goo.gl/dD9wL3

Posted by Greek Reporter on Saturday, September 29, 2018