Man Shoots his 10-Year-Old Sister then Kills himself in Greece

A 29-year-old man shot to death his 10-year-old half-sister and then killed himself in Argos, Greece on Sunday afternoon.

According to local police, the perpetrator was the son of a doctor who had remarried and had a 10-year-old girl with his second wife. The 29-year-old man was a medical student who reportedly had psychological problems.

The man went to his stepmother’s apartment on Sunday afternoon and had a fight with his stepmother. He went berserk and set the house on fire. Then he found his half-sister at the entrance of the apartment building, shot her dead and then he committed suicide with a shotgun, according to police.

Once the apartment fire was put under control, the police found the 29-year-old dead on the third floor of the apartment building with the shotgun next to his body.