Opinion: Cyprus in a Political Cocoon

by Andreas C Chrysafis

 “Come…come,” said the spider to the fly, “I will wrap you up in a cocoon and then devour your body and soul bit-by-bit until there is nothing left of you no more,” and so, Cyprus due to a passive policy and a weak leadership finds itself in a cocoon!

Hungry for energy and domination international players are positioning themselves to exploit Cyprus’s vast natural gas deposits. The little island has now become the tasty cheese in a trap nibbled away by those promising great wealth, stability and prosperity – just like the EU has promised Cyprus once! Meanwhile Turkey maintains its military provocations demanding a share of the proceeds or, else! There are fears that the blessings of gas-discovery could end up being a curse ­­– and it won’t be for the first time!

The global demand for energy places Cyprus smack in a quandary and now faces real threats parallel to the allegory of the frogs:

There are two ponds next to one another; one full of hot water and the other one with spring water!

Anxious to escape the scorching heat of the day a throng of frogs leap into the first pond ignorant of the dangers lurking within its deep. Instinctively, they jump out to save their skin from boiling to death!

Distressed and without thinking they hop and dive straight into the next pond!

Life it’s bliss and the frogs swim happily, mate and frolic with one another unaware that hidden forces are gradually turning the water temperature up. Swollen from the good life they remain oblivious to reality and each time the water gets hotter they do not resists and endure the latest temperature as being normal. Eventually they turn so weak and lethargic they can no longer escape their entrapment! Not having the strength to leap out of the pond they ultimately meet their fate and boil to death!

Cyprus and Greece are certainly facing the Dilemma of the Frogs! If they fail to act and get out of Troika/IMF and EU’s stranglehold both nations run the risk to meet the fate of the frogs.

Britain recognized the pitfalls of abandoning its laws; currency and border control or the right to govern the country to bureaucrats in Brussels and did something about it. Forty-five years on (1 January 1973) the UK did the unthinkable; get out of the European Union – BREXIT!

It would take a wise government with a vision to follow Britain’s footsteps and initiate a similar undertaking –GREXIT for Greece and CYPREXIT for Cyprus! Meanwhile, both countries are tightly wrapped up in a spider’s web and politically cocooned in a trap…

Andreas C Chrysafis

October 1, 2018

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