The 2 Greeks Who Conquered The Himalayas

Manaslu mountain and the Greek climber who raised Greece’s flag on top of it. Photo of the climber by AMNA

Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world. Its peak sits at 8,163 meters (26,781 ft) above the sea level and is considered one of the most difficult mountains to climb, mainly due to harsh weather conditions that often involves sudden and strong snowstorms.

However, the dangerous conditions of the mountain were not enough to stop Antonios Sykaris and George Marinos.

The two Greeks managed, after an adventure that lasted 4 weeks, to conquer this mountain that is part of the well-known Nepalese Himalayas.

The two members of the Greek association of climbers started their long trip to Nepal in early September this year.

The conditions were adverse, their health not stable and everything seemed to be against them. But, their experience along with their determination gave them the courage to continue and pursue their dream — to conquer one of the most difficult mountains of the world.

Manaslu, ”the mountain of the spirits” as it is known in the local language, has claimed 64 lives so far.

It was first conquered in 1956 by Tomasio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu, two Japanese climbers, making Manaslu known as “the Japanese mountain”.

The 56-year-old Sykaris is the first Greek to conquer three mountains of what is known by climbers as the “grand slam” which includes the 14 mountains that are higher than 8,000 meters.

He conquered Everest in 2017 along with Mike Eumorfides, and Kanchenjunga together with Fotis Theocharis and now Manaslu.