The Family That Brought Greek Poet Sikelianos’ Villa Back to Life

The villa was designed by Sikelianos himself. Original photo by

Angelos Sikelianos, the famous Greek lyric poet and playwright, was born in the island of Lefkas in 1884 and has since come back under the light of publicity, not for his poems, but for one of his villas in Greece’s Xilokastro located near the city of Corinth.

Sikelianos, along with his American wife, Eva Palmer, had a beautiful villa in a location full of mature pine trees and flowers.

After his death, in 1951, the Greek shipowner Spyros Typaldos bought the villa along with the land that surrounds it.

Typaldos decided to renovate the beautiful villa and bring it back to life. His plan was to make an atmospheric Italian restaurant that would operate next to his hotel which was owned by his family.

Eva Palmer-Sikelianos. The American wife of Sikelianos had a passion for ancient Greece

The building combines three architectural styles: The ancient Greek, the Byzantine and the Venetian.

Both Eva and Sikelianos shared a passion for ancient Greece and architecture; in fact, the villa was designed by Sikelianos himself.

Sikelianos managed to combine thousands of years of Greek history in just one villa.

The villa hosted some of the most notorious Greek authors and poets such as Karyotakis, Palamas, and Kazantakis.

Even the former Greek Royal family spent time there, with King Paul and his mother Frederica enjoying the Corinthian sunshine.

The villa shares a long history of people confiscating the property before it ended up in the hands of the Typaldos’ family. Italians and Germans took over the property during their occupation as well as Greek guerrillas during the civil war that followed.

Today, the villa is accessible to everyone for free as the Typaldos’ family wanted this important chapter of modern Greek culture to be shared with the public.