10.5 Million Tourists Visited Greece In January-June Period, Data Reveal

Tourists pose for a photo at the Acropolis (file photo)

According to data revealed by the Bank of Greece, 10.5 million people visited Greece between January and June 2018.

The number for the same period last year was 8.5 million.

The country saw a huge increase that reached 22.9 percent, or more than 2 million people in just 6 months.

As a result, the revenues for the Greek economy were increased by 17.2 percent compared to the period between January and June 2017, reaching €4.777 billion ($5.537 billion).

According to the data revealed, 63.9 percent of the tourists who visited Greece were European citizens and 25.9 percent non-EU citizens.

The sector of cruise recorded an increase as well, but at a lower rate. More specifically, the revenues generated by cruises in Greece were up by 2.4 per ent compared to the first six months of the previous year.

With information from A.M.N.A.