Meet The Family That Has To Pay €500 Each Time Their Children Make Noise

Children are quite noisy sometimes, aren’t they?

Even though everyone excepts this as a fact, a complaint about noisy children actually led a family in the Greek capital of Athens to court, after a neighbor sued them, complaining about the noise their children were making.

The family used to live in an apartment on the 2nd floor of a tower block in Athens. The neighbor from the first floor voiced complaints about the noise that was coming from the apartment during the quiet hours of the day.

However, the situation became worse when the neighbor sued the family and started making phone calls to the father when he was at work, telling him that people were entering his apartment making noise all the time.

The families arguments escalated and the children became scared and couldn’t even sleep due to their fear of the neighbor, according to what the mother said in an interview with Greece’s Alpha TV.

After using a perjurer, according to the mother’s claims, the court decided that the neighbor was right and issued a decree saying that each time the family was making noise, they would have to pay €500 ($578) to the neighbor.

The family decided to sell their apartment and move to a different area, but the issue is not over as they have already filed an appeal demanding the annulment of the first decree.