Six Ways to Decorate your Balcony like Those in Greece

6-Tips-How-to-Decorate-Balcony-like-GreeceWhether you have visited Greece or not, everyone seems to yearn to have a piece of the beautiful Mediterranean heaven that is this country. So why not decorate your outside space or your balcony to look like Greece?

It’s easy to bring the atmosphere of the Greek islands to your home with a few tweaks and updates. Here are some tips on how you can experience Greece every time you step onto your balcony or out onto your patio!

  1. The eye-popping colors of Greece

We are not just talking blue and white here (although blue and white are definite reminders of many Greek islands which we will get to later in the list… and not to mention they’re the color of the Greek flag).

Let’s expand our color palette, as Greece is an incredibly vibrant and colorful country. Choose chairs and tables which are bright and make a vivid impression, such as orange or red. Warm colors are in abundance in Greece, so go ahead and mix and match any and all colors in your flowerpots too!

2. It’s all in the details

Be sure to add details to your decor on your balcony, such as some wooden knick-nacks. Include a lot of playful textiles and textures in your space, such as printed pillows and flowers in yellow, orange, and red (very popular colors for flowers in Greece).

Choose flowers that bloom in abundance such as roses, chrysanthemums, hibiscus, and geraniums. A favorite Greek flower to keep on a balcony is the rose-scented geranium. The fragrant leaves are also used in many sweet traditional Greek dishes.

3. Do it like Santorini

balcony-greek-decorIf you are inspired by the island of Santorini (and who isn’t?) go all-out in your decor. Choose crisp linens and furniture with sleek, clean lines. Use white as your backdrop, but be sure to incorporate other colors, especially cobalt blue, but red and even green as well, to your palette.

If you are able to paint your space, you can always add a border and paint it white to mimic the white-painted curbsides and paths on the island. Also, be sure to add bright flowers and blue metal or wooden accent pieces to your space.

4. The colors of the Greek sunset 

Get together your warm textiles, in reds, oranges and deep yellows; add to those some sea shells or beachy-like knick-nacks, and you are off to a great start in achieving the ambiance of a breathtaking Greek sunset!

Better yet, if you have visited Greece and have collected seashells on your trip — or maybe even lava or sand from a Greek island — add that to your decor in a glass hurricane vase. It’s a great conversation starter.

5. Mykonos party balcony

Decorate your Balcony like GreeceGet your party going on your balcony by transforming it into a space which shows off Mykonos’ best attributes. Just put together some stones set into a white base for the flooring, white-washed walls, and some colorful throw pillows with prints.

Be sure to hang some solar-powered lights across your space to complete the party atmosphere and transport your balcony to the fabled island of Mykonos.

6. Greek seaside escape

Greek-balcony-ideas-decorYou can turn your balcony into a seaside oasis by adding elements of the sea, as with the Greek sunset balcony — only this time, use a color palette of turquoise and blues, mimicking the sea. Add in a couple of accent colors such as orange, purple or red.

Incorporate interestingly-shaped drift wood and other beachy accessories. If you don’t have sand from Greece, go to your local tree nursery and get some, and fill up a large glass vase with sand and shells.

Then add thick ropes to hold light fixtures or other accessories, and maybe some vibrantly painted fish or seascape paintings or artifacts. Lastly, add some colorful glass bottles in dreamy Aegean blues and greens to complete the look.

Of course, you can complete your entire balcony’s Greek look by adding awnings made of bamboo or wood and adding rugs and throws which capture the vibrant culture and atmosphere of Greece… Let your imagination have no limits, and be sure to relax on your balcony – your little piece of Greek heaven.