Greece: Hundreds of Thousands of New Jobs in 2018, Half of Them Part-Time, Data Reveals

The period between January and September of 2018 held some good and some bad news for Greece’s economy and more specifically the issue of unemployment and new jobs.

According to the official database ”Ergani” of the Greek Labor Ministry, during the first nine months of the year, there were 2,057,917 hiring announcements and 1,769,548 departures, including dismissals, resignations, and retirements.

The positive balance of 288,369 more jobs created is the largest amount of new positions created in Greece since 2001.

This comes at a cost though.

According to information obtained by the same database, 53.02 percent of these new jobs were part-time positions, 4.44 percent higher than four years ago, when the total number of part-time new jobs was 48.58 percent of the total hirings.