Donkey Milk: A Secret from the Antiquity That Became a Prosperous Business

Humans have been using milk from donkeys for cosmetic and alimentary purposes since Egyptian and Greek antiquity. Today, dozens of new businesses in Greece are producing donkey milk for the global markets.

Hippocrates, the Greek physician of the age of Pericles and considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine, was the first to write about the medicinal virtues of donkey milk.

During the Roman times, donkey milk was recognized as a common remedy but it wasn’t until the Renaissance that the first real scientific consideration was given to it.

Today, we know that donkey milk is gentle and soothing for people with sensitive skin and it’s far richer in vitamin C than cow’s milk while being equally rich in proteins.

Donkey milk is widely used by people with skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema or extensive dryness as it is considered as a natural way to ease their symptoms.

This milk though is not an easy thing to find. Since donkeys don’t produce as much milk as cows do, their product is quite expensive. One pound of donkey milk (less than half a kilogram) costs around $1,000 (€860).

But despite its expensive price, the demand for donkey milk around the world is constantly growing; so is the business.

Countries such as South Korea, Belgium, and Switzerland are among the leaders in global production of donkey milk, but Greece has nothing to be envious about since the country is getting its fair share of business.

Tens of new businesses have already started their journey of production and dealing with donkey milk in the global markets, generating profits and creating new jobs for the Greek economy, especially in the countryside, where donkeys live.

A good example of this prosperous business that gains ground in the Greek market is the story of donkey milk production in Macedonias’ Nigrita.

So, next time you will consider buying a cosmetic product, remember to look for those made with  donkey milk — it is among the best products the market can offer.